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CPM 7,5 10 400/50 270 C CE

The CP CPM 3-9 is the ultimate workshop compressor: powerful, easy to use and always reliable. Thanks to its rotary screw technology, you get more air while enjoying lower energy costs. Better yet, you can use it all day long without cool-down periods. Of course you can tailor the CPM to your specifications and preferences. We have a 2.2 to 7.5 kW power range, both floor- and tank-mounted models, and a range of options to custom-build your CPM.

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  • Description

    The CPM is built in Europe. Its automated screw air end manufacturing line prevents human error and ensures the CPM is as powerful and reliable in real life as it was designed.

    The CPM is a complete air system in one compact unit. Even options such as an air dryer, an air receiver or an oil heater are fully integrated to help you save on floor space and operational costs.

  • Specification
    Power 5,5 kW
    Free Air Delivery (lit/min) 780 liter/min
    Bar (g) 10 Bar(g)
    Sound Pressure Level 66 dB(A)
    Reciever (liter) 270
    Power Supply 400/50/3 V/Hz/ph
    Controller ES 4000 Basic
  • Manufacturer


    Chicago Pneumatic is a global brand that offers many different products. The range offers a range of industrial compressors including reciprocating compressors and screw compressors. The focus is on products with high availability, simple service and high flexibility.